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Blue Fade Dip Snare Drum
Pork Pie Percussion

Blue Fade Dip Snare Drum

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Because Pork Pie Percussion is best known for challenging the status quo, this snare drum was designed with innovation and style unlike anything available in the acoustic drum market today.

This snare drum, like all other Pork Pie products, is made with only the finest materials available today. This shell is 100% 6 ply Birch, cross laminated for strength and tonal qualities. Pork Pie Percussion is known worldwide for hand cut, sanded and trued bearing edges and snare beds. This attention to detail gives this snare drum amazing attack and sensitivity.

The painted finish on this snare drum is called Blue Fade Dip. The finish is applied over the Birch shell in a way that makes every shell one of a kind. No two are alike. Once you play this snare drum, the sound and unique look will make you feel that this snare was made for you by hand at Pork Pie.

Standard options

100% 6 Ply Birch Shells

Blue Fade Dip Lacquer Finish

Hand Cut, Sand sanded, Hand Trued Bearing Edges and Snare Beds

2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops

High-Quality Brass Snare Wires

Pork Pie Throw off and Butt Plate

Remo USA Heads

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